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What Is Scalp Build?? How Does Scalp Build Affect Hair Growth?

Scalp build-up occurs when there is an excess production of oil, sweat and grime and the buildup on the scalp causes the follicles to lose their nutrition. The buildup is often the reason for split ends, thinning of hair and even dandruff, scalp build-up can also lead to itching flakiness and even reddening of the scalp. 

Causes That Tend To Trigger Scalp Build-up

  1. EXCESS USE OF STYLING CREAMS AND GELS-  The excess use of styling creams and gels is what causes the scalp to dry up soon and as a result of which the brain sends a signal to the sebum glands to produce even more oil to prevent drying, this oil when generated in excess tends to attract dirt and grime and even attract head lice, thus a person needs to wash his hair at regular intervals to avoid building up of dead cells over time. 
  2. DEHYDRATION OF THE BODY- Dandruff or flakiness is an extension and a result of the body being dehydrated, the body tends to lose a lot of water in the form of perspiration hence a person should take at least 8-10 litres of water to remain healthy and maintain the required amount of moisture 
  3. FREQUENT WASHING OF HAIR – Frequent washing of one’s hair washes away the essential nutrients and the natural oils produced by the sebum glands hence the sebum glands tend to produce more oil than before to maintain the moisture level of the scalp which in turn attracts dandruff causing bacteria and results in scalp build up. 
  4. CARELESS APPROACH TOWARDS HAIR CARE – careless approach towards hair care is also one of the important fundamental aspects that result in the accumulation of scalp buildup and also eventually opens the doors towards hair thinning breakage and rough hair. Hence it is always advisable for a person to wear protective equipment while swimming and travelling outside to avoid harsh chemicals coming in contact with the hair scalp and thus leading to problems like scalp buildup. 
  5. POOR DIET – “A diet that involves a supplement of vitamin c is what is necessary to strengthen the roots of the hair follicles and also that vitamin c has a lot of astringent properties to combat the accumulation of dead skin cells over time “ explained a well-known cosmetologist in Vizag

Ways To Combat Scalp Build-up

  1. Avoid washing the hair regularly – Regular washing of hair can lead to drying of the scalp which in turn can affect the basic build-up of the hair follicles because the sebum gets a signal to produce more oil than before.
  2. Avoid using too much of hair care products – A very well-known celebrity cosmetologist who has been performing a lot of hair transplant surgeries in Vizag explains “ Using products like setting gels, straightening creams and curler gels and actually rob the scalp of its inherent nutrients and thus lead to a complete imbalance of the nutritional value of the scalp”.
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