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VJs Vocational courses are covering cosmetology and dermatology courses which are framed with exceptional content. You will be learning the courses under the guidance of experts to get you started as a career of a professional cosmetologist.

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Imagining the worldwide patterns of interest and supply of prepared excellence experts have increased. VJs vocational courses started in 2017 with an approach to make a difference in the beauty industry.

Do you wish to start your career as a Cosmetologist and make yourself independent? Vjs Vocational Courses offer the same to you under the supervision of trained and experienced instructors. Our cosmetology training centre is offering the students an insight into the beauty industry standards.

At our cosmetology school, the course will begin with hands-on training about the different treatment options. Till the time course ends, you will be pro at performing the treatment with perfection.

Vjs Vocational Courses maintain the training area by ensuring hygiene, sanitation, and following the safety measures amid COVID-19. We provide various Cosmetology Courses in Visakhapatnam like Chemical peel, PRP therapy, laser hair removal, botox & fillers, and beautician courses, etc. Our courses are designed to make you aware of the extensive procedures and give you the skills to do it correctly. We provide a 1-week certification course with the Accreditation to National Vocational training program, the government of India.

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We are providing a platform where aspirants get enough information to understand the minutest detail of the treatment.

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Every individual in this world wants to look their best. This is the reason career opportunities are in increased demand in the field of cosmetology. 

What is Cosmetology?

It is the application and study of the latest and improved beauty treatments. Vjs Vocational Courses provide the newfangled cosmetic technology which improves the physical appearance of the person and makes them look good. With our cosmetology classes, you will get the best beauty therapy and improve your overall health. 

Career Scope

The cosmetology world in India is wide-spread. Through cosmetology, the youth will get a promising career to move one step forward in their life. To step into medical cosmetology the basic requirement is to have a medical degree from the esteemed medical college. 

The candidate can also choose to complete the master’s degree or diploma in dermatology who has practiced medical cosmetology. After that, getting the certification program will make it easier for you to become a specialist. 

Vjs Vocational Courses are paving the way for you to learn the expertise and skills needed to become a cosmetologist. With the esteemed experts, you will get all the educational information and licensing certificate. Learning from the best will help you fulfill the future demand of cosmetology treatment in India.

Conducting training program with advanced standards.

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    It takes expertise and time to provide the best information. Our interactive training sessions have helped ample students to learn the treatment’s unique features and practice them at the same time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, Absolutely! The certificates are issued under a national vocational training program authorized by the Ministry of Labour and employment, Government of India.

    The range varies from Rs 30,000 to Rs 1,00,000 per month. Depending on the course you have selected you will be able to make your future secure.

    Yes! VJ’s cosmetology school will provide the students with job assistance if needed.

    The experience of faculty ranges from 5 - 15 years depending on the course.

    Licensing requirements and school requirements are different in every state. Although the general set of requirements should adhere to the following:

    • GED or high school education
    • Must complete a board-approved program
    • 16 years of age or older

    Through a licensed cosmetologist, you can get different services for your beauty. Be it any skincare treatment like chemical peel, laser hair removal, or any other procedure. To perform these procedures, the cosmetologist or dermatologist needs to have a license. But they need to ensure that they are well-aware of all the latest technology and procedures.

    It is better that you start sooner. Talk to our team and then schedule the appointment. During that, we will talk you through the entire process. If you still have any doubt, then give us a call right away.