Beautician courses in Paravada

Beautician courses and Cosmetic Training institute in Paravada

The students who had once undergone Beautician courses in Paravada from Vjs Vocational, The best Cosmetic Training institute in Paravada are highly successful in their careers. Want to hear from them?

Shree Saini

First and foremost, I would like to tell all those who are reading these reviews that I haven’t ever seen a course instructor like Ms Pyari. Like her name, she is pyari indeed. Today, I am placed in one of Lakme Salons. Every year, I get a 25% increment. I am regularly appreciated for my skills and passion. But I never take credit for all those things since, without Ms Pyari, it would not have been possible for me to stand here.

Tripath Das

Being a Boy, society never admitted my passion for styling the nails. Who says that it is the girl’s thing? If a Mehandiwala could be a boy, then why not become a professional nail artist. I decided not to step back and visited Vjs Vocational. When I was still confused about whether I should do that or not, I was counselled by Ms Pyari and Dr C Vijay Kumar who guided me with the best advice ever. Today, I have a professional Nail Styling Parlour. I am proud to be an entrepreneur and an artist.

A big big big thanks to VJs Vocational for making my life

Manav Singla

I am a hairdresser by profession. Since childhood, I aspired to enter Bollywood with the help of my passion to dress and style hair. I indeed know where I want to reach but I do not know how to get there. I starting researching for courses that prove to be job-oriented and that comes in my pocket-friendly range. I came across the VJs Vocational website. There I filled up a form and applied for a seat online. I was enrolled in the course, It was highly cost-effective and allowed me to pay the fees in EMIs. Now I am still on the journey destined to reach Bollywood. And I know, one day all my efforts will pay me off.


The Undergoing Beautician course is one of the best things which beauty aspirants can do to make their lives beautifully settled. VJs Vocational has always emerged as a supporting pillar in that regard. Just take a step forward to us and we make sure we push you with full intensity to grab your target.

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