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The increasing demands of individuals to always look their best all the time has made cosmetic surgeons search higher. Indeed! That too for the ones with the right skills and expertise. Therefore, it’s all about being on your toes and gathering all the necessary information. One such approach for which individuals are moving towards training is hair transplant. And that’s why it’s essential to find a well-reputed institute to begin the journey of Hair transplant training in Vizag. Are you looking for one?

Begin the journey toward success at VJ’s Vocational Courses

Vj’s Vocational Courses is your one-stop destination to learn all the minute details about the hair transplant training course. Indeed it’s the combination of Theory + Practical hair transplant training at our institute that is what we focus on the most. The course at our institute follows a conclusive approach to training each and every student toward making the journey right. 

Hair transplant training course module

Vj’s Vocational Courses have made the course module extremely precise and approachable so that every student will get all the necessary information they require to attain the professional position of being a hair transplant practitioner. That’s why we have set the course module covering all the important basics and every minute of information to bring the necessary difference in your career. Here is a peak into the hair transplant training course module:

  • Enlighten yourself about the trichology basics. It includes the anatomy and physiology of hair & scalp.
  • Understanding of the method to diagnose and manage the scalp problems
  • Analyze the suitable candidate to undergo a hair transplant 
  • Performing appropriate hair transplant diagnostic workup to rectify the situation
  • How to provide in-detail consultation for hair loss? 
  • How to inform the patients about undergoing hair transplant?
  • Giving necessary instructions before undergoing hair transplant (pre-care instructions)
  • Understand the method to determine hair density and hair quality – as it plays a crucial role in hair transplant success
  • Get the donor’s scalp shaved properly. 
  • Make the required section on the donor scalp with appropriate marks.
  • Informing the patients about anesthesia & how to manage side effects, if any
  • Understanding every important aspect of hair transplant 
  • Method of hair follicles extraction – Blunt, manual, and motorized
  • Understanding of scarless method for hair extraction
  • Hair Grafts Storage Solution method 
  • Get an understanding of hair design, hair artists, and illusion density. The right hair density is a crucial aspect of hair transplant success.
  • Get clarity towards hair magnification and it’s important types.
  • Understanding of patient sterility and other necessary measures to be carried out before the treatment
  • Method of doing bloodless extraction & right implantation to make everything effectively managed
  • Get knowledge on how to manage the complications and other problems that might occur during hair transplant treatment.
  • Understanding towards aftercare instructions – head wash, medications, sleeping & other things
  • Getting the medical consent of the patients

Vj’s Vocational Courses – Proper setup for hair transplant training

Vj’s Vocational Courses brings the in-house proper setup and facility to make you aware of the minute and essential factors to understand the way of doing a hair transplant. 

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