Beautician Course in Sabbavaram

Beautician Course in Sabbavaram

The students who are undertaking the Beautician Course in Sabbavaram are the ones who are promised (by us) to be placed in some of the reputed salons or spas that will provide the candidates with a good payscale. If you also want to see your career touching the peaks and shining then do not delay in getting enrolled with the best cosmetic training institute in Sabbavaram.

Why Choose Only Us?

Here are some of the convincing points which will let you know, what is so special with us and why should you visit

Get To Learn From The Reputed Professors And The Lecturers

We at the VJs Vocational have hired highly qualified  professors and lecturers who designed the specialised course
curriculum for each of the students to make sure that each  skill and the talent of the apprentice is catered nicely.

We Want The Beauty And The Wellness Industry To Boom

Since we know that the beauty and the wellness industry has not been booming for the last few years. The reason might be the shortage of trained personnel or the decreased interest of the people to step into this field.This is why we have made available every possible facility for the individuals who they are seeking while learning and stepping in this discipline.

Wanna be part of this?
Then consult our professionals to know the career and the earning prospects.

You Will Get A Comprehensive Knowledge

Each of the beauticians is good at a certain skill. For example, Some like to do hair, while others like to do make-up or nails. But we know that being a master of one is not going to help them in the long run. So no matter what our students are good at. We aim at providing them with the learning of beauty and wellness skills.

We Help You Out With The Placements

What do we all study for?……Think! Think!
We all want to become financially independent one day. Right? This is what we keep on targeting each day. We have so many good links and networks with the famous salons and the spas present out there. The apprentices which are performing stupendously well in the training period are  personally referred by us to those salons and the spas. And we also guarantee them to earn that much that is enough to make them call independent individuals.

Emi Supported Fees Payment System

All the students are not financially sound but yes all of them are surely talented. And we do not weigh money more than talent. So we have set up a system in which the students can get the required learning with the EMI-supported fees system.


The students who perform exceptionally well in the course or are found to be passionate and dedicated to doing something new are who we are looking for facilitating with the scholarships. It is one of our ways to motivate the students to do something new and unique for the beauty and the wellness industry

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