Masters training in Laser Hair Removal

Masters Training In Laser Hair Removal in Vizag, Laser Hair Removal Course in Andhra Pradesh, With our master laser-hair reduction training course, the students will learn everything about the laser removal technique. The students will become well-versed in the fundamentals of laser treatment. Our course instructor will be there for the student to help them understand whether they are conducting the procedure effectively or not.

A brief introduction on laser hair removal

Laser and light therapy have seen an increased demand among the youth and even adults. It means through this treatment you are likely to make more money to make your career secure. Their laser hair removal training program has all the information you need. Our cosmetology instructors will provide you necessary theoretical and practical information to master the laser hair removal treatment.

Hair Anatomy

The human hair is a complex structure and there is a lot to understand about the human hair and its growth. The hair follicle is divided into 3 parts which include:

Lower segment (bulb and suprabulb) Extends from the follicle base to the place where erector pili muscle is inserted.
Middle segment (isthmus) Extends from the erector pili muscle to the sebaceous gland duct beginning.
Upper segment (infundibulum) Extends from the entrance of the sebaceous gland duct to the follicular orifice

Brief about different laser machines

With professional laser hair removal and reduction treatment, excellent results are possible. Most importantly, a limited number of sessions are given to the patients. The different laser machines are mentioned below:

  • Five pulse duration : This approach allows for increased safety, flexibility, and precision.
  • Three diverse handpiece : Through this approach, it allows for better solutions for different patients.
  • High-power heat machine :When the high-power is applied, there is increased effectiveness and the patient will see the results within limited treatment sessions.

Today’s patients demand painless and cost-effective treatment. Through advanced treatment, it increases the personalization, treatment becomes precise, and effective results are possible.

Patient counseling & Patient Selection

The patient demands long-lasting, safe, and effective hair reduction for improved aesthetics and addressing medical concerns. As there is the availability of different options, so making the patient aware of the best approach is the duty of healthcare experts. Educating the patient about the best option is likely to increase the treatment success. In all, your objective should be:

  • Making the patient aware of different lasers for hair removal.
  • Check the need of giving treatment
  • Tell the possible complication of treatment.
  • Strategize a treatment plan with proper coordination to improve the results.

Pre-procedure instructions

Some of the important pre-procedure instructions which you need to give are:

  • The treated area needs to be clean-shaved.
  • Avoid sun exposure for around 7 days before the treatment. If the patient has sunburn then they need to wait for 2 weeks.
  • 30 to 40 minutes before the treatment, apply the numbing cream. However, before the treatment, all of it needs to be removed.
  • 2 weeks before the treatment, avoid the use of chemical peels and any other procedure.
  • Patients mustn’t tweeze, wax, or use any chemical epilation for at least 3 weeks.
  • If there are cold sores, then it is important to take antiviral medications.
  • Following leg treatment, patients should not be allowed to wear boots, right away.
  • Ask them to wait for 14 days, if they have got botox or fillers on the specific area.

How to set parameters?

To ensure that only the desired hair bulb is damaged and not the surrounding skin, the operator needs to consider these important factors:

Fluence Through laser spotting the energy to be delivered.
Pulse Duration Total time of the pulse
Frequency Rate at which pulse occurs
Pulse profile Pulse shape
Wavelength Laser wavelength

How to market the procedure?

The laser hair market has seen a surge in demand. The trends are shifting towards the approach to boost aesthetic beauty. Additionally, the various aesthetic lasers and technological advancements have taken the market by storm. One of the latest trends in the market of mix the modalities. Through this method, the treatment can be effectively used for different options and even the results are better.
Additionally, the easy availability of the updated devices in the market has increased the demand, and market growth. The FDA-approved products are cheaper and they provide an added opportunity to boost profits. For safety and efficacy, these products should be used.

Dos & Donts

Being a medical expert, you need to be aware of certain do’s and don’ts to inform the same to the patient.
When is the ideal time to get laser hair removal?
The ideal time to get the treatment is in winters as sun exposure is limited. By the time summer comes, the patient will be ready to wear his or her favorite clothes.
Which mistake do you need to avoid?
Following the treatment, patients are not allowed to go out in the sun too much. If they do so, the results are affected.
Why is it important to shave before the treatment?
Before the treatment, the desired area needs to be shaved. This is because the laser aims to directly reach the root and destroy the hair.
Which areas respond to the treatment the best?

  • Underarms
  • Bikini
  • Lower legs

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