Beauty Parlour Courses For Bright Future

Beauty parlor courses are one of the most favored and demanding career courses. In VJ’s Vocational Courses, you get to learn many beauty parlor courses to build your future. It is the best institute that provides such courses. If you are interested in completing your vocational courses in a beauty parlor, please do visit us for the enrollments and study various elements such as make-up, hair styling, skincare, and cosmetology. Our academy provides basic, advanced, and short-term make-up courses in Vizag.

Do not wait anymore and join our academy for the best classes for your career. Your hunt for a professional beauty parlor course in Vizag is now over with us. Glam up your profession with a skillful hand in this exponentially growing beauty industry. We provide hands-on experience with magnificent training and persistent industry communication for your growth.

What Do VJ’s Vocational Courses Provide?

There are many elements that our skilled trainer will teach you in the beauty parlor course. Some of those include:

  • Make-up course: in this, you will learn the theory as well as the practical study. Some of those syllabi include:
  1. History of Make-up
  2. Knowledge of skin types
  3. Make-up And Color Theory
  4. Product Knowledge
  5. Tools and Equipment
  6. Understanding of Face Shapes
  7. How do we sanitize make-up tools & brushes?
  8. Step by Step Application of Make-up
  9. Face Contouring and Corrective Makeup
  10. Light and Shade Techniques According to Face Shape
  11. Glossy Make-up
  12. Reception look
  13. Engagement Make-up
  14. Party Make-Up
  15. Indian Ethnic Bridal Look
  16. Groom Make-Up
  17. Foundation Theory
  18. Supra
  19. Derma
  20. Creating Your Own Make-up Kit
  • Cosmetology course: in this course, you will learn about the concept of facial and body care routines. Some of those concepts that you will learn in VJ’s Vocational Courses include:
  1. Fruit facial
  2. Nail anatomy
  3. Nail disorders and diseases
  4. Basic pedicure
  5. Basic manicure
  6. Superficial hair removal technique
  7. Skin diseases and disorders
  8. Basic face analysis
  • Skincare course: in beauty parlor courses, the trainer will also teach you the basic understanding of the skincare routine as it is an important part. The course includes:
  1. Skin therapy
  2. Manicure
  3. Pedicure
  4. Facial
  5. Waxing
  6. Bleach
  7. Threading
  8. Anti Acne & Anti-aging treatment with a high-frequency machine
  9. Face lifting facial-Faradic machine
  10. Skin brightening & lightening treatment-ultrasonic
  11. Face lifting facial-Faradic machine
  12. Anti pigmentation treatment -Galvanic machine
  • Hair-dressing: another factor is hair styling and cutting. In this course, you will learn various haircuts such as:
  1. Feather cut
  2. Bob cut
  3. Layer cut
  4. Blunt cut
  5. A -line
  6. Reverse
  7. Graduation
  8. U-cut
  9. Straight cut
  10. Round layer cut
  • Hairdos: hair styling techniques such as:
  1. French roll
  2. Puff
  3. Professional pony
  4. Bridal hairdo
  5. Rose bun
  6. Waterfall braid
  7. Five strands and five strands
  8. Rope
  • Thermal styling: we also include hair styling tools and how to use them:
  1. Tongs
  2. Pressing
  3. Hot Rollers
  4. Blow Dry
  5. Crimping
  6. Shampoo and Conditioning

Indian Oil Head Massage

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing A Beauty Parlour Course?

There are many points that state the benefits or advantages of enrolling oneself in a beauty parlor course. Given below are some of those benefits:

  • It is an exponentially growing course

One of the biggest reasons for choosing a beauty parlor course is its demand in the beauty industry. This will help you get better knowledge about the subject if you are passionate about the subject. Make your hobby your profession. The advancement in technology in this course has become more accessible for people to grasp new ideas and creativity. It has also opened up many opportunities for people.

  • An excellent foundation for a bright future

As we have stated, it is a demanding course; it is natural for the industry to seek professional and skilled students to fulfill those demands. Apart from that, there are tons of options available for you to choose from for your professional career. A beautician course can help you flourish your make-up skills day by day, enhancing your chances of being a part of top companies. You can also start your own company after your course is completed. The sea of job opportunities is never-ending,

  • Job satisfaction

How many of you can say that you love your job? Not many are able to fulfill that dream. But you can be one, manifest your passion into a profession by joining a beauty parlor course and completing your diploma. Show your creativity while being paid for it. Apart from that, the client’s good reviews and customer satisfaction would encourage you to win more battles and reach new heights. It is engaging and communicative work, so if you want to steer away from the general 9 to 5 job hours with no fun, then enroll yourself immediately.

  • Learning

After you have enrolled yourself in this demanding course, then you can begin the process of learning and growing. The skilled trainer in our academy world on producing qualified students who do not stay in a confined box. You get to learn different therapies and techniques in the beauty course. After you have gained comprehensive knowledge about the beauty industry, you can begin your journey while suggesting the proper approach to your clients while providing your services. It is a loop that will never end. You will also be skilled enough to help your customer to choose the best for them from the plethora of services.

Why Choose VJ’s Vocational Course For Your Beauty Parlour Course?

We have been serving excellent facilities and training to our students for many years. Given below are some of the reasons why selecting us would be the best choice.

  • We have a skilled trainer.

The trainer would help you grasp each concept with magnificent knowledge. Having a “guru” that would help you grow is an extraordinary feeling, and we try our best to hire those who would help you excel in your respective field per se.

  • Hand-on technique and practical studies

You can not learn much without having adequate knowledge about the course. The theory will help you get the basics, but the practical or hands-on studies would improve and polish your skill to the next level. It will also help you make a name for yourself in this vast industry. You would know which tool brush must be used at which precisions and many more. We make sure that you get to learn all aspects of the beauty parlor course with no complications.

Enroll now!

VJ’s Vocational Course is waiting for you to enroll yourself in your desired field. Contact us and make your future bright with excellent course study and future development.

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