Training For Permanent Makeup Course

Permanent Makeup Course in Visakhapatnam, Is your Instagram feed filled with all the best makeup reels? Do you like to create new makeup looks? Well, this is when you take your passion to the next level. Do you know what I mean? You need to enroll yourself at one of the best cosmetology schools in Vizag: VJ’s Vocational Courses and get yourself trained under the expertise of the course instructor. Our Permanent Make-Up Course is curated to perfection to ensure that you know all about the proper ways to get things done once the course ends.

Detailed Understanding: Permanent makeup & it’s increasing demand

Doing makeup is one thing, but some want to take away the stress of doing makeup repeatedly. So, this is where you can train yourself for permanent makeup. The course instructor Mrs. Divya will be there for you throughout the course, guiding you towards:

  • Which tool is suitable to use?
  • What’s the theory of the color wheel?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts?
  • What’s the after-care regime?
  • How should you consult the client?

Hand-on training better results and understanding

We believe in giving hands-on training for every possible cosmetology because this is one field where students need to understand how to do it. It’s all about the slightest details and making sure the intricacies of the makeup are made familiar to the students. That’s not all the usage of the right products, and its availability will be made aware during the training time.

Government Authorized Certification

Do you have a concern, ‘Will I get the certification for the permanent makeup course?’ YES! Our permanent makeup course in Vizag includes the Government Authorized Certification.

Course Content For Permanent Makeup Course

Here’s everything you will learn during the permanent makeup course under the expertise of a trained and skilled course instructor:

  • Eyebrow Mapping: Tools and pattern
  • Microblading
    • Patterns, Different Spines
    • Do’s & Don’ts
    • After Care
    • Contra indications
    • Latex Practice
  • Micro pigmentation
    • Colour Wheel
    • Do’s & Dont’s
    • After Care
    • Contra Indications
    • Ombre Brows
    • Powder Brows
    • Combination Brows
    • Lip Neutralization
    • Lip Tint
    • Latex practice
  • BB Glow
    • Advantages of Nano Needling
    • Do’s & Don’ts
    • After Care
    • Contra Indications
    • Fitz Patrick
    • Complete Procedure, Hands-On practice
  • Additional Practice
    • Beauty Spot
    • Scalp Pigment
    • Stretch marks Camouflage
    • Lash Lift
    • Business Plan
    • Client Consultation
    • Promotion Strategies
    • Price Sheet
  • Product Knowledge & Availability

At Vj’s Vocational Courses, we have curated the course depending on the needs of the current customer base. So, when you step into the real world, you know, ‘How to give your best?’ and ‘What the customer is looking for?’

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