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Mehandi Classes in vizag learn different Designs in Training by enrolling Mehandi Courses in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. MEHNDI holds artistic value, especially with the Indian traditions and culture. Indeed! The demand for Mehndi is huge and those who can master this art with ‘PERFECTION’. With that said, the Mehandi courses in Vizagare gaining a huge demand to become the best professional Mehndi artist. If we talk about its importance in the Indian culture then it symbolizes fertility. Especially, it holds a different value for Indian weddings. As we have mentioned above, individuals are looking to make a career in this growing field. Moreover, it is seen that the craze of getting Mehndi or Heena is slowly spreading its wings all across the world. If you are someone who is looking to make their career in this field then Vjs Vocational Courses – Mehandi Designing Diploma Courses Training Academy is the best place for you to get started.


Great symbol to enhance the beauty

No matter how many times do we say, Mehandi is a preferred choice for enhancing beauty. In Indian weddings, brides are particular about their Mehandi design and they want to make sure that it looks pretty. It does not matter whether they would like to cover the whole hand or keep it minimal, without the bridal Mehandi their look is not complete. So, why not you become the next Mehandi artist to swoon the brides with your Mehandi artistry and skills. Our Mehandi design diploma course is the best opportunity for you to get started in the right direction.


Learn the ancient art to make your future secure

Mehandi is an art that has been in India for a long time. The use of the henna paste to apply the different designs of Mehandi is not only limited to Indian weddings or pre-wedding functions.  Apart from that, there are many Indian festivals and ceremonies where women love to get henna on their hands like for:

  • Teej
  • Raksha Bandhan
  • Karwa Chauth
  • And much more

Bring out your creativity and style

If you are someone who is creative with design and style or particular about the intricacies then Mehandi designing is the best option for you to showcase your talent to the whole world. It is all about choosing the right place and learning from the best to kickstart your career in the right manner. Without a doubt, if you talk about the present time then getting the certification in the Mehandi designing course is beyond price. So, ‘Why not learn something new?’ When you have to get the skills then make sure to take them in the right direction.


Course Details:

At Vjs Vocational Courses, we have designed our course with utmost perfection and to make sure that once the student comes to our academy they get all the best possible information. You will get both the theoretical and practical details about the course which includes:

  • Making of a cone
  • Preparation of Mehandi
  • Mehandi application


  • Lines / Curves
  • Layout & Elements
  • Line Shading
  • Start & Ending Technique
  • Check Designs
  • Grids
  • Net Pattern
  • Filler Elements
  • Broader Designs
  • Basement Designs

Basic Designs

  • Leaves Designs
  • Flowers Designs
  • Paisley Designs
  • Simple Designs
  • Difference between Mehandi Styles

Traditional Designs

  • Mandala Designs
  • Symmetric Designs
  • Bracelet & Floral


Learn under the expertise of skilled artists

You have seen it yourself when there is a huge crowd in front of the mehndi artist. If you know this artist, get your skills polished by the professionals and get yourself ready for the coming festive season.


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