Chemical peel

Complete Professional Chemical Peel Course From Reputed Institute

Chemical Peel In Beautician Course

One of the most popular and inexpensive courses in the beautician field is undoubtedly chemical peeling. It is a safe procedure that the candidate learns from the Beautician Training Institute in Visakhapatnam to treat many skin disorders and rejuvenate and refresh skin.

In our academy, we will teach you all the aspects and insights on chemical peeling. You will learn how to conduct the pharma-grade peel treatments that you can introduce into your practice without any time waste. If you complete the Chemical Peel Course in Andhra Pradesh, you will be able to treat various skin concerns. This will broaden your clients and earn their trust with your infinite knowledge about the same.

What Does Chemical Peel Contain?

Chemical peels consist of a blend of acids, antioxidants, and vitamins in different formulations. With our course, you will learn how to make a treatment strategy for your client based on their needs and skin conditions. This will help you get the best optimal results. You can tailor different types of peel according to the skin’s goals and issues.

You will also learn the fundamentals of chemexfoliation and skin science under the guidance of our skilled specialist.

What Is The Agenda Or Syllabus Of Training For the Chemical Peel Course?

These are some common things we include in the chemical peel course in your beautician diploma.

  1. What is Skin science?

  2. What is a chemical peel?

  3. What is the history of a chemical peel?

  4. What is an epidermal barrier?

  5. What is skin autonomy?

  6. What is skin histology?

  7. What are topical products?

  8. What is the Fitzpatrick scale?

  9. What are client indications and selection?

  10. What is chemical peel classification?

  11. What is a patch test?

  12. What are the factors influencing depth?

  13. What is ingredient selection?

  14. What are combination formulas?

  15. What are contraindications?

  16. And it’s aftercare!

What Will You Get From Our Academy?

These are some of the facilities we will provide you with for a better learning experience.

  • Pre-study

All the students you enrolled themselves in this course will receive access to the complimentary online skin science course. It is a great way to revise all the techniques again and again if you want to excel in your field.

  • Treatment

We will also teach you about the different types of acids and what basis you should select the best peels for your clients. We also encourage you to have a free treatment as a model on the day of learning.

  • Hands-on practice

Another thing that we will make sure to provide you is a hands-on practice session. Your theory learning is not of any use if you do not know how to conduct the whole procedure. Hence, apart from theoretical classes, we will also sign you up for practice sessions for better knowledge.

  • Support

Our support will always be with you without any doubt. You will get a certificate of completion, a comprehensive training manual, and access to our member’s hub.

  • Materials

We will also provide you with all the required materials that you need in order to perform the necessary technique to excel in your training period.

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