Beautician Course

What is makeup and beautician? What will you learn during the course?

Are you looking to choose a career path that can make your future secure? In that case, the makeup and beauty industry is the safest and best option. Those who are passionate about the same can enroll for the Diploma in Cosmetology in Visakhapatnam at Vjs Vocational Courses and under the supervision of trained instructors, you can learn everything in a precise manner. Once your Beautician Course In Vizag is complete you can start your career the way you want.

Do you know?

One of the statistics has shown that the demand for expert beauticians has increased by 8% and it is going to increase even more with each passing year.

Get yourself trained and serve the customers

There is no denying the fact that everyone loves to get services from professionals. If you have received the diploma or completed the course, eventually you will become the priority of the clients. In the future, you will be able to become a certified cosmetologist or makeup artist. It is up to you then you would want to work privately, with a team, or get into the TV/Film Industry.

The knowledge you have gained, you need to use that to provide others with the services they want. You will be telling them what they should apply on the skin, which product will suit them the best, or what hairstyle they need to get.

What are the eligibility criteria for makeup Certification?

Well! You need to have an understanding of basic reading and writing. Under the supervision of Ms. Usha Rani, you will get training about Level-1 and Level-2 with Basics. From the history of makeup to create your makeup kit, you will get an understanding of everything.

 Makeup and Beautician Course Subjects

The common topics that are imparted through any makeup course are:

Common Topics for Makeup and Beautician Course


Brow shaping

Corrections and sculpting

Skincare and hygiene


HD makeup for photography, filmography and fashion shows

Techniques skin tones

Which foundation suit which skin tone the best

Client management

Makeup techniques and consultation

Fruit Facial

Bleaching, waxing, threading, masques


Corporate/ bridal/ party makeup

Manicure and Pedicure

How much is the cosmetology certification/course free?

Well! The fees will vary depending on what certification you would want to enroll in and what type you want to learn. Most importantly, you need to make sure that the focus is given on practical knowledge. In case, you are not told about how you need to do the eye makeup or what is the correct way of doing the manicure, then it is not going to be worth it at any cost. On average, the training cost can be between Rs 20,000, and it can go higher. Learning the necessary skills under the guidance of experts will drastically change the way you provide service to your customers in the future.

Want to get yourself enrolled with Vjs Vocational Courses?

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