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What is CRYO FACIAL? What are the benefits of undergoing this facial?

Our environment and lifestyle have considerably affected the way we look. There is not a particular factor to blame. From pollution to sedentary eating habits, there are so many which we can blame.

In this century new beauty and wellness techniques are being invented. One of such techniques can be CRYO Therapy. This treatment has been proven to be effective as far as pain relief treatments are concerned. But along with that, this technique is famous for doing facials as well.

What is the CRYO Treatment?

CRYO Treatment involves exposing the infected part or even the whole region of the body to frozen nitrogen. The temperature of the nitrogen should be 120-degree Celsius or even less than that.

What are the differences in the CRYO techniques used for the treatment and the facial?

If we talk about the CRYO technique to be used for the pain treatments, then the body is supposed to be placed in extremely cold conditions which will eventually boost the immune system. But if we talk about the CRYO facials, then these involve exposing the face to the frozen nitrogen for a period of 5 to 19 minutes.

How is this technique carried out?

To carry out a CRYO facial, the face skin is to be sprayed with liquid nitrogen. The cooling effect leads to the immediate effect of the tightening of the vessels.

What are the BENEFITS of undergoing the CRYO Facial?

Following are the predominant benefits of undergoing the CRYO Facial:

  • With this, the production of collagen becomes boosted. This helps to replace the dead skin cells with healthy ones. This helps you to experience a youthful and plumper look.
  • The skin may come out to be extremely firm. The fine lines and wrinkles will also vanish.
  • The inflammation of the acne can be gotten rid of. The chances to lower the same can also be enhanced.
  • If your face is prone to get puffed up owing to changes in the environment or weather then this facial is perfect for you. This was initially designed to terminate the fine lines and the wrinkles.
  • The whiteheads and the blackheads are difficult to get rid of and can become completely invisible if CRYO facial is opted up for.
  • Nitrogen can significantly contribute to the treatment of headache and migraine-related problems.
  • You will experience the best and radiant look.
  • Your face may become lifted because the nitrogen has several frozen properties.

After how much time should you opt for the CRYO facial?

CRYO facials can be done twice a month. It is usually regarded as suitable for all skin types.

Important information

You are advised not to take up the CRYO facial if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Getting nursed
  • Suffering from cold-induced plasma

Bottom Line

The effect of the normal facial and the CRYO facial is the same but based on the time factor these can be highly distinguishable. After 45 minutes of the normal facial, you get to encounter the same results which you can experience after 3 to 4 minutes of the CRYO facial.

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