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Want To Get Trained in Hair removal? Follow These Steps To become a Laser Technician

Laser hair treatments are very much in demand these days. People in the Beauty and Cosmetics industry see this demand quite competitively. Learning to conduct this procedure has proven to be a lot easier than the other procedure. This technique is also non-invasive. Due to these features, many people are opting for Laser Hair Removal Training in Vizag

 Many people are choosing a Beautician Course in Vizag. But the Laser hair removal course is getting more popular than the other courses. This training program helps the students to get proper training in the procedure.

Students will learn things like intense pulsed light treatment, diode pulse treatment, and other solutions done by laser lighting. You will get a level four certification for being a licensed technician after the conclusion of this course.

Eligibility Criteria for Level Four Training

If you have a level three certification, you can apply for the grade four-course. Laser hair reduction training requires advanced education in the backgrounds of skincare, anatomy, and psychology. Students should complete these three backgrounds in their previous courses. This information is also subject to change depending on some areas.

In India, you need to have at least a 10th or 12th-class certificate from a recognized board to apply for the introductory course. 

Things You will learn in the Level 4 Course

You will be learning a lot of things in this course, starting from the Overview of IPL and Laser:

  • Laser Physics.
  • Definition of Laser.
  • Laser Classification.
  • Difference between Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and Laser technologies.
  • Types of medical and hair removal lasers and how to choose them.
  • Skin and Hair Biology.
  •  The causes and definition of hair growth, hair, and effect of hormones.
  • Types of hair growth 
  • Types of skin.

The next thing you will learn will be the consultation process Which consists of the following:

  • Patient communication and consultation
  • Detailed Paperwork
  • Types of skin and their effect on laser settings.
  • Consent forms
  • Information including medical intra-indications.
  • Pre-treatment considerations.
  • How to take a client’s medical history.
  • Situations that require a doctor’s referral or approval.
  • Aftercare and home care advice.
  • The correct use of “treatment log books.”

The next thing you will learn is Treatment which includes:

  • Patch testing procedure.
  • Treatment protocols
  • Effectiveness of treatments.
  • Length between sessions.
  •  Conditions to be treated.
  • Safe parameters of laser machines for effective treatments.
  • Giving a description of the physical sensation of the treatment to the client.
  • Unwanted reactions and their solutions.
  • Treating acne, rosacea, thread veins, and pigmentation with IPL/ Laser treatments

This course also includes Practicals, which will help the students to prepare themselves in a much more practical way. These practicals are:

  • Ways to Prepare a client for treatment.
  • Live Demonstrations.
  • Practice sessions for students to perform laser hair removal procedures in various hair areas.
  • Practice sessions for students to conduct laser photo-rejuvenation.
  • Product insight to match kin types with professional products.

These elements will help you develop an insight into your work as a laser technician. You will be provided a critical analysis, after which you can improve your skill accordingly.

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