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VJs Vocational’s Hairstyling Tips for different marriage functions

When it comes to the bridal make-up and the hairstyle, then the Indian relatives are enthusiastic to suggest those weird things. This is the main reason that the brides remain confused even till the end about what kind of hair and makeup they want to get.


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Which hairstyle do most of the women prefer?

The mess has become a trend these days. This is the main reason that most women prefer to get a messy hairstyle for marriage.

One LOL! Thing

We heard an experience of the bride who got ready for the wedding with a messy hairstyle. She was no doubt looking super pretty for the wedding. But the folks being folks mocked her throughout the wedding for getting a messy bun. She was recurrently hearing this, “It’s your wedding dear and it happens only once in your entire life so why have you not gotten godly ready for the wedding.

Why do the girls not stick to one kind of hairstyle throughout the wedding?

The girls have so much variety to choose from, whether it is jewellery, clothes or hairstyle. So it became extremely difficult for the girls to choose the one. So they choose three to four hairstyles which they like the most and want to get done with those in different marriage functions.

Which hairstyle suits best for the Haldi Ceremony?

Haldi Ceremony is one of those beautiful pre-wedding rituals in which the bride receives a maximum of pampering. To celebrate this ritual utmostly, the relatives of the bride get dressed up in the yellow-coloured attires and there are several kinds of hairstyles which compliment the yellow dresses the best. A chick bridal updo and the french braid is woven into the ponytail to give you the most celebrated look.

What if the bride wants to go traditional for the Haldi ceremony?

There are some of the brides for whom the traditions matter a lot so they can go for wearing the traditional Indian yellow saree with a red bindi on the side of which the side bun is tied.

Which hairstyle should I opt for in the Mehandi and sangeet ceremony?

These two kinds of ceremonies are more about the flowers and the florals. Here Vjs Vocational would like to suggest all those bridesmaids, girl-guests and the bride decorate your hairstyle with floral accessories.

How to choose the hairstyle for the mehndi and sangeet ceremony based on the length and type of the hair?

If you are having long hair, then go for the long fishtail or the messy braid. Make sure you are wearing the mogras and other kinds of floral look to decorate your hair.

Do not forget to give yourself a princess-like look by wearing those floral tiaras.

Final Comments!

Weddings are such a hectic preparation for girls’ parents and relatives. They do not get free from the preparations till the guests arrive at their homes. To make sure that whatever hairstyle or makeup you have done is comfortable with you, you need to keep your comfort zone as the priority even before the aesthetics.

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