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Top 5 Online Beautician Courses For Beginners 2023

There are many ways to grow in your career, but do you know the best way to do so? When you are working on a skill that you love to work on, this post is specifically for everyone who wants to get into the makeup industry with the help of online beautician courses.

As the craze for the makeup industry is increasing, the number of beautician courses is also growing, but you need to ensure that you are selecting the most appropriate one per your requirements.

In this post, we will talk about the top 5 online beautician courses for beginners, with the help of which they can start their journey in the makeup industry and take their career to the next stage.

Top 5 Online Beautician Courses For Beginners

 Beauty Therapy:

The first course you can opt for being a beautician is the beauty therapy course, in which you can learn about various techniques used to take care of skin and body, such as massaging, waxing, and facials.

Make sure that you are moving forward with one such beauty therapist course that offers in-depth training about every aspect.

  • Hair Dressing:

The next crazy and highly growing segment of the makeup industry is hairdressing, where you can learn ways to do hair makeup and process hairstyles. Secondly, once you have experienced hairdressing skills, you can also build your own hairstyles.

The more you get experienced in this skill, the more you can become a specialist in your job. Hence when we notice the difference in pay rate between a fresher and a specialist in the makeup industry, we can expect a minimum of 10x difference.

  • Makeup:

You can also opt for online makeup beautician courses where you can learn about different skin and body products. Not just that, you also learn the ways to apply those makeup items on their respective body parts.

You can create various combinations using products for the best output. In the makeup courses, you can learn everything thoroughly.

  • Mehndi:

Mehndi artists can also make a lot of money with the help of their skill in applying mehndi on their hands and feet. So if you are interested in developing unique designs of mehndi, we suggest you go with the mehndi designing course. Once you have learned the course, make sure you practice all the aspects and designs from your end, with the help of which you can get better at it.

  • Nail Design:

You must have noticed the craze of nail designs and customization; with the help of a nail design course, you can learn about designing on nails; there are several machines linked with nail paint you can learn to operate them.


 The beauty industry is growing daily, and it’s crucial to take advantage of it. Select the best online beautician course to start your career in this industry.

If you are looking for a beautician course in Vizag, then VJ Vocational Courses are the perfect option.

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