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What are the topmost tips to get fuller lips without spending extra money?

Many females out there are envious of one thing when they see their favorite film stars. What is it? The perfect POUT. From Priyanka Chopra to Angelina Jolie, all these beauties let us get awestruck with their looks.

Although, there is no need to always go to the options like Botox and injections to get that pout. For fuller lips, many other things can work wonders and give the person the results they want. The makeup industry is growing at a fast pace and so do the different techniques & methods of doing makeup.

In this blog, we will talk you through the ways you can provide your client the fuller lips and that too under the budget. By learning these tips and tricks will make you your client’s favorite.

 Tip 1: Exfoliate

You can share this tip with your clients to exfoliate the lips while in the shower. Ask them to take a damp toothbrush and brown sugar. Then lightly rub the lips in a circular motion and then they need to wash it off. Once done, apply a lip balm to keep it hydrated. Doing this will help the extra dead cells to scrub off easily.

 Tip 2: Conceal

Before you put lipstick on the client, make sure to apply the concealer and this provides a proper base. Apply the lip shade. This will give your client a clean look and make it POUT-worthy.

 Tip 3: Liner

Liner is an important part which most people miss out on. Make sure to always choose the liner which matches the skin and it should not according to the lip shade. Line the lips properly and then apply the right kind of lip shade. Once done, it will provide them with fuller lips which they want.

 Tip 4: Highlighter

Just the way you highlight the cheeks makes sure to highlight the lips. It will work like magic! Take some highlighter on the brush and dab it over the middle part of the lips. You can even try it on yourself while learning the makeup course from the course instructor. Later, you can use this trick on your future clients to give them fuller and plump lips.

 Tip 5: Go for Matte shades

With matte shades, it allows fuller and plump lips. Do not go for the shiny shades. In case you want to opt for the glossier option then just dab the shiny part in the middle of the lips. You should never put that on the side.

 Learn the tips and tricks from the best

Want to become a professional makeup artist or you have an interest in any other cosmetology course/diploma? Enroll in any course of your preference and learn from the professional and skilled course instructor. Take one step closer to your dreams!

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