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5 Min Knowledgeable Guide: Course Structure Of A Beautician Course

It’s very brave of you to decide to opt for the best career opportunity and that is – Cosmetology. It is full of the creative challenges that you need to overcome to emerge as a PRO. Once you step into the field, then there is no going back. Make sure you are wisely deciding whether you want to be in the creative field to earn a huge sum of money or not.

If you have affirmatively decided to be a cosmetologist, then “CONGRATULATIONS, You have taken one of the rights and the best decisions of your life”

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The Curriculum Of A Beautician Course

Broad View

At the end of the course, you will be certified for having the required knowledge in all of the following:

  • Cosmetology

  • Nair Art

  • Grey Coverage

  • Hairstyles

  • Root Touch-ups

  • Dermatology

  • Hair Spa

  • Cleaning Practises

  • Massage Manipulation

  • Toning Practises

Stage 1: Studying The Entire Beauty Culture

In the beginning, you will be made familiar with the beauty culture which will involve studying

  • History of Cosmetology

  • How to analyse the skin?

  • Various kinds of the skin disorders

  • Nail

  • Artificial Hair Removal

  • Professional Ethics

  • Theoretical Approaches for the skin massage & the techniques

Stage 2: Learn About “ Hair”

Once you are well-versed and acquainted with the inclusions of stage 1, the next stage demands you learn about the hair and various kinds of the technologies used to treat, dress or style it:

  • Hair Cut and Perming

  • Blow Dry

  • Hair Terminology and Trichology

  • Hair Methodology

  • Treatment of the disorders (hair and scalp)

  • Application of Henna

  • Roller Setting

Stage 3: Your Favourite Make-Up

In this stage, you will learn how you can make the appearances of the people worth applauding. And we know the right weapon for that is -” Makeup”. Being in this stage is fun since you come across many creative challenges to crack after you have a thorough and deep knowledge of:

  • Learning about skin fundamentals

  • Getting acquainted with the infrastructure of the MakeUp Room

  • MakeUp – Evening, Bridal and Reception

  • Theory – Makeup, Brush, Eye Makeup Application and Colour

  • Face Cleansing

  • Groom Make-Up

What Do We Demand?

Our teachers move heaven to earth to make the students master cosmological skills. We only demand the concentration, passion and dedication of the students in turn.

If we find a particular student is performing excellently in our courses, then we do have a provision of felicitating that student with the scholarships as well.

Final Comments!

There are other vocational courses as well by providing which, we ]intend to increase the best career opportunities for the students. To know the all, please take some time out to have a tour of our website:

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