How to immigrate to Canada as a makeup artist

If you recently did a makeup course and you learn advanced makeup techniques. You can learn in Canada. Canada allows students who want to build their careers in the makeup industry. Suppose you have all legal documents, such as age, education, experience, and language certificate. You can pass the PTE exam if you need a language certificate. PTE Institute covers all courses, such as speaking and understanding English. 

How to immigrate to Canada as a makeup artist 

Understanding Canadian immigration requirement 

The express entry program, also known as the immigration system that operates by Canada, attracts skilled workers from around the country. 

You want to immigrate to Canada as a makeup artist. Then some are eligible documents to provide to the immigration office, such as age proof, makeup courses, experienced certificate, education, language certificate proof, and clean police verification. 


If your age is between 18 to 35, then you are eligible for immigration to Canada.


You must have a 12th-passed certificate and a makeup artist course-related certificate. 


You must have two years of experience as a makeup artist and also require a relevant experience certificate in this field.  

Criminal record 

You don’t have any criminal record or police verification certificate required for immigration. 


You have a language certificate from IELTS ( international English language test system ). English and French are two languages to speak in Canada. Without a language certificate, you are not eligible to get immigration to Canada. You can join IELTS Institute if you want a language certificate. They provide classes and tests.

Different ways to immigrate to Canada as a makeup artist 

Provincial nominee program 

Some Canadians organize their immigration program for skilled people. Then you have to get a job offer through provinces by the employer and be eligible for permanent residence in Canada.  

Work permit 

You can apply for a Canada work permit if you get a job offer letter from a Canadian company and have an eligible document. Canada’s work permit has two types: open work permits and temporary foreign worker programs organized by Canadian companies. They offer the job to the worker in Canadian government policy LMIA (labor market impact assessment)

Open work permit in which a person gets a job offer letter through a Canadian employer. But he works in this company only when he gets a job letter. He does not work for another company. 

Express entry 

Canada operates an immigration program for skilled workers. You can apply through a federal skilled worker program or Canadian experience class. The federal skilled worker program organizes people with experience and gets job offer letters from the company, Canadian experience class working in Canada on temporary work permits. 

Immigration helps you increase the chances of getting permanent residency in Canada. And also you can check all about immigration through the immigration office. Then you understand policy and regulation and document requirements. 

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