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Experts suggested tips, ‘What are the skin care hacks for oily skin?’

Which is the most challenging skin to handle during makeup?

If you are answering students pursuing their Beautician Course In Vizag then most of them will answer Oily Skin. But, learning under the expertise and skills of the course instructor everything will seem easier to you. When you learn from the professionals you will get a thorough understanding of how to handle the oily skin of the clients who will come to you in the future and all the necessary tips you can share with them to make it more manageable.

Top hacks to take care of oily skin

Hack 1: Add products formulated for oily skin

When you enroll yourself at one of the Best Makeup Academy in Vizag you will get familiar with the fact that ‘Not every product is made for every skin type’. In case your client has oily skin, then only those products should be used that are made for oily skin. Otherwise, the results of the makeup are not worth the way you want it to be. The matte skincare products are a great way to take away the shine.

Hack 2: Cleanse the skin with micellar water

Micellar water is getting a huge buzz around the makeup industry and that is for a reason. The micellar water is great to great out the oil, makeup, and dirt from the skin to help your client get the best makeup look. The micellar water use is very easy as it simply needs to be out against the cotton pad and then swipes it against the client’s face. You can even tell your future client to cleanse 2 times for better results.

Hack 3: Moisturizer should not be missed

If all this time, you have thought that missing the moisturizer is okay then you are wrong. On oily skin, the water-based moisturizer suits the best as it’s lightweight and helps to form a barrier against the skin. Add those moisturizers into the cart which have hyaluronic acid or aloe vera.

Hack 4: Primer is great for oily skin

Do you ever wonder why some people complain about slipping or sliding away? Well, that happens when the primer is missed out from the skincare regime. The primer application is best when applied dot by dot and rubbed in a gentle circular motion. Fine lines, nose, and cheeks should be covered.

Hack 5: Eye and lip primer is best

Before the foundation, make the habit to apply eye makeup primer and lip primer. In case you want to miss out on eyeliner, eyeshadow, or lipstick then primer works well in all these areas. Doing so helps the makeup to stay well in the necessary area

Hack 6: Powder makeup work wonders

Powder makeup can make a lot of difference for those who have oily skin. So, make sure that you focus on choosing the best option.


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