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What you should do and don’t do on your next salon visit during COVID?

Do and Don’t on your salon appointment

COVID-19 has changed the entire situation and many things have been halted. As we need to practice social distancing and that too for our own and everyone’s safety.

No doubt, we need to self-groom ourselves even in this tough time. From eating healthy food to looking good everything is important. If you are worried about how you can visit the beauty parlor during COVID, then these are the tips that you should keep in mind. Moreover, if you are getting the at-home service then these tips need to be followed at every cost.

What should I don’t do?

  • Allergic to anything

If you are allergic to anything then do not visit a salon or even if you are allergic to some kind of odor.

  • Visit right after getting a health issue

You should never do this. It is better to wait for some time after having a health issue. Moreover, do not visit the salon when you are not fine

  • Have flu symptoms

If you have COVID-like symptoms or flu, then do not visit a salon or get at-home salon service.

  • Touch the surface

When you visit the salon, make sure to do not touch any of the salon surfaces with bare hands or take any brush in your hands. It is better to wear gloves and afterward dispose of them correctly.

  • Keep on adding the service

Do not make such a mistake. Stick to what services you have added while booking the appointment. Just get it done and move out.

  • Losing your calm

If the salon refuses to provide some service, keep calm and understand the situation.

  • Visit with a group

Do not take your friends and family along with you while getting the salon service.

  • Making handshake

Do not make handshakes with anyone at the salon.


What should I do?

  • Pre-book your appointment

Rather than waiting at the salon to get your turn. Call the salon and get your appointment book in advance.

  • Wear gloves

Make sure to wear gloves before entering the salon. It’s even better to keep one additional pair with you.

  • Wear and keep a face mask

Make sure to wear a face mask on your way to the salon and even when you are at the salon. Always keep an additional one, if by chance you lose it.

  • Tell beforehand what you need

While booking for the appointment, you should tell them what all services you need to get. This way they can give you fast service and you don’t have to wait.

  • Keep towels

You should carry a set of your towels, it’s for your safety.

  • Hygiene standards

Make sure the salon you are choosing is hygienic and following all the safety measures.

 Stay Cautious and Stay Safe!



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