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What is cryotherapy? What are the reasons its demand is increasing in 2021?

Due to harsh or UV sun rays and extreme pollution, there are high chances that your skin will get affected daily. This is the reason people prefer to take extra care of their skin. All thanks to the advanced treatment options, people can get the utmost benefits they need. Although, it is essential to have someone who can perform the treatment method with extreme precision. If you are someone who likes to suggest to people about the different beauty options, then why not become a professional one. You should enroll in the Beautician Course In Vizag, learn about the new methods and start your own business. The Diploma in Cosmetology in Visakhapatnam, under the expertise of professionals, will give you an insight on how the treatment is done and that too with utmost precision. One of the new lines of treatment that have gained demand is cryotherapy.

Newfangled technology
CRYO treatment includes exposing the whole or certain part of the body to frozen Nitrogen. The nitrogen is usually below -120 degrees Celsius or even lower. The extreme cold condition helps to increase the body’s immunity. Moreover, the facials which are done through this approach are performed for 5 to 10 minutes. In this period, the liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the face which makes the skin cool and tightens the vessels.

What are the benefits of a cryo facial?
When a client or patient comes to you, you must make them understand the treatment in detail. Most importantly, you need to make them familiar with the benefits of cryo facial which includes:
• Increases collagen production which helps in releasing the old skin cells with healthy ones. After that, the patient will be able to see a youthful and plump look.
• Helps in boosting the skin firmness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
• Reduces face puffiness
• Reduces acne or inflammation
• One of the most effective way to treat headache or migraine
• Helps to give you that radiant look
• Helps to lift the face instantly, because of the frozen properties it has
• Removes the blackheads and whiteheads from the face
• Beneficial in pores shrinkage

Who is a suitable candidate for the treatment and how much it should be done?
Individuals of any skin type can choose to get this treatment. Make sure that you tell your client to get it done 2 times a month only.
In case, a woman is pregnant or suffering from a cold due to plasma, then they are not a suitable candidate for the treatment.

How is this different from a normal facial?
Like with a normal facial you need to undergo different steps to get that radiant and smooth skin. Ideally, it will take around 45 minutes. Also, you need to get it done as per your skin type, otherwise, the results are not that effective.
On the other hand, a cryo facial is suggested to clients of any skin type. In addition, it is done depending on their needs like whether they need it for 4 minutes or one hour. Moreover, it can be done when you are wearing makeup which is not possible with normal facials. All the products used are natural and it is more cost-effective.

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