Corrective MAKEUP hacks – What do you need? What are tricks for eyes?

What is the favourite of all the girls?

Think! Think! Think!

Yeah! You got that right. It is called “MAKEUP”. It can transform the look of your face. Nowadays, makeup has become a necessity.

By asking the subsequent question to yourself, you will get to know the importance of the makeup:

Would you consider going for a job interview without doing makeup?

No, you probably will not. Since you also know your face and clothing style is responsible for causing the first impression.

So I know you are very curious to read the various aspects of makeup. So let’s begin:

What is corrective makeup?

Who does not want to make the face look professional while going to someone’s wedding or a birthday party? Everyone does. For that the women always consider you to get done with the corrective makeup. Corrective makeup is one of the most admired makeup techniques which make use of certain permutation colours and shades and various other makeup combinations that can help to enhance one’s facial features.

The following examples can help you to get this thing clear:

  • If a nose is broad then with the help of the thinner, the ideal shaping illusion for the nose can be created.
  • Not everyone has the same brow. So those who do not have one must consider the corrective makeup which will create an illusion for equal brows.

Check yourself

The corrective makeup can only create the illusions of the perfect axial features with the help of variegated cosmetics or makeup products.

How to prepare for the makeup?

Before doing the makeup, you must consider the following:

Step 1: Identification of the problem

Here at this step, you are supposed to find out what is the problem with your facial features and which one is bothering you the most.

Step 2: What do you need?

After finding out the flaws in your facial emergence, you need to choose which makeup product will be used.

Step 3: Choose the perfect shades

The choice of shades is crucial for the perfect makeup. If you choose the wrong shade, then you will never get to experience the natural look.

What are the various makeup products correct?

  • Highlighting

The highlighting is quintessentially important for making the facial features more projectable and prominent. In simple words, it helps in giving the ideal shape to the face.

  • Shadowing

If there is some problem with any of the facial features, then it can be hidden with the help of the shadows. The shadows do not make the particular area noticeable.

  • Blending

With the help of the right kind of blender and the blender techniques, make sure you are covering the corrective areas. For example: If the acne afflicted area is made good with makeup, then the other layer of the makeup should be applied so carefully as it will not make the people focus on whether something is done at the particular area or not.

Which makeup products, you need for the correct makeup?

For corrective makeup, you must have the following:

  • Lip Lining Pencils
  • Foundation ( MANY SHADES)
  • Concealer (LIGHT & DARK SHADE)
  • Eye shadow Palette ( With all the colours, shades and glitters)
  • Eyeliner (Both pencil and the sketch)

Apart from that, the subsequent are the necessities of the makeup and cannot be replaced with anything:

  • Tweezers
  • Makeup Brushes
  • Sponges
  • Applicators


  • Make the eyes look bigger

By expanding the eye shadow beyond the outer corners of the eye can help you with this purpose.

  • Make the eyes look distant

If you are the one who has yes which are closely situated, then you can follow the subsequent steps:

  • Putting little eye shadow near the nose
  • Put the dark shades on the outer edges of the eyelids

What if you have deep-set eyes?

Then doing a light eye make-up by using the light shades and the textures will be helpful.

  • Don’t want to make the big eyes look prominent

The dark to light eyeshadow combination should be used. And make sure that the eyelid is getting blended upwards.

Give us your feedback!

If you find this blog useful, then please let us know. Then we shall also come up with the ‘tricks for face and lips’ like topics. If you are interested to read such blogs, drop us an email.

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