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PRP Course: How can you become a PRP expert with the PRP training course?

How can you become a PRP professional?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. This treatment has gained the increased attention of the patients in the last few years. With that said, it is also important to have experienced and trained professionals who can perform the surgery and give the patients the results they are looking for. If this field interests you and you want to become a certified PRP expert, then enroll in the course and learn under the expertise of professionals.

Which are fields where PRP can be used?

One of the major benefits of PRP treatment is that it can be used in medical and aesthetic applications. To become an expert, it is important that you understand the issues and how those concerns can be addressed are:


Can address the cosmetic issues like:

    • Wrinkles
    • Fine lines
    • Creases
    • Skin folds

During the course, you will understand how to perform the treatment on the hands, skin, and face.


Dentists uses a different kinds of PRP which is done for:

    • Tooth Extraction
    • Tooth Implant

Plastic surgeons

You will get the understanding to perform it for rhinoplasty and reconstruct the nasal bone. It makes the recovery go faster and reduces the scarring.

Ortho doctors

Ortho doctors use the PRP injection for pain relief, reduce swelling, and address the problem due to osteoarthritis.

Hair experts

PRP injections are used to reverse hair loss for both men and women. The treatment will result in growth of new hair.

What do you need to know about PRP preparation?

    • During the course, your course instructor will make you understand dual-spin and single spin methods which are under the FDA. You will understand the levels and modality needed for both.
    • Get an understanding of PRP serum parts and how they are beneficial in treating the specific condition.
    • PRP serums are of 4 different types and during the course, you will learn the specifications for each of them and how they can prove beneficial to repair a certain issue. 
    • During the course, you will get training on how to benefit each of your patients. Most importantly, you need to help them choose the most effective equipment and give them economical treatment.

Most importantly, you will learn about the safety and protocol standards. In addition, the therapy should be done in the most sterile environment.

How can I administer the injections during PRP?

During the course, you will become familiar with preparation steps and how you need to administer an injection to each of your patients with utmost safety.

    • Check patient condition

First of all, you need to understand and check the patient’s condition. Make sure they are a good candidate for the treatment. You need to ask them different questions, as you will be told during the course.

    • Correct placement of PRP serum

During the course, you will get an understanding of how to place the PRP serum correctly. You will be told how to get it done with precision so that you can get the utmost benefits. You might also get instructions on the correct method to use digital imaging devices.

    • Give optimum dosage

Our professional course instructors are here to tell you how to assess the optimum dosage for the specific area. In addition, they will help you understand how the total number of sessions a patient needs and how much time is needed in-between.

    • Get hands-on training

Skills and expertise only come when you can perform the treatment with precision. During the course, you will get hands-on training and perform the procedure under our professionals.

    • Combinational treatment

Sometimes, PRP is combined with other treatments to increase the effectiveness. This is what you will become familiar with while going through the course.

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