Beautician Course

Beautician Course: A Professional Choice

A Tale Of Rekindling Her Old Passion Of Being A Beauty Trainer

Most people associate makeup with hobbies, that is what Sristi did. Though this industry is exponentially growing, there is still a weird hesitation that people have while opting for it as a professional. Sristi had done a Beautician Course In Vizag, but she never pursued it as a professional career.

A Revisit To The Old Passion

“It was all good to do makeup and hairstyles for my cousin and family member on some function, but choosing it as a career, I never thought about that” Sristi remembered how she was so naive to think that this is just for hobbies.

“I changed my mind when I was bored at home, my kids used to go to school and my husband at work”. As she was talking to her friend one evening about the upcoming wedding of their common friend, her friend complimented her work “I remember she told me to pursue my talent and polish my skill, she uses the phrase ‘if you are good at something do not do it free’, then I released I too can earn something from this”.

Makeup Course: More Than An Art

When she chose Makeup Courses In Vizag she was not very focused on it being financial stability for her. Though nowadays at VJS Vocational Courses you not only learn the art of it but also the business portion too. You need to learn every aspect in order to stay in the market with a good foundation.

There have been great changes in the cosmetic courses till now. Not only demand has grown for it but also the candidates who are opting for these courses are more passionate about the job.

Double Hardwork

But for Sristi it was not as easy as it would be for people who are trying right now. “I faced a lot of problems, and it was not only financial, though my husband and family supported me, but I was also still lacking in terms of new trends” this is the reason why she chose to work under professional for at least 6 months. “I needed to learn the on and off of the market, I did not want this to fail in any form.”

Such dedication and passion took Sristi to where she is now, with a beautician centre she is not only earning good money but also is enjoying her time. “ I never knew, something that i started as a time pass would become my heart and soul. It is like my second baby as I nurture it daily.”

What Did You Learn?

Sristi has become a ray of hope for many who have underestimated the Beautician Course as well as their talent. It is important to remember that it is never too late to pursue what you love. So do not let any opportunity miss your door to happiness.

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