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Glam Up With These 6 Quick Fashionable Hairstyles This Winter

During winter, most people find it difficult to maintain their fashionista personality in order to save themselves from the chilling wind and cold weather.

However, there are people who manage to not lose their spark even in winter, and if you are bewildered by their dressing style and hairstyle, do not anymore as we are here to tell you some way that could help you give an extra oomph to enhance your style. 

Hairstyles And Winter

We all know that harsh and cold winter can harm our hair which is why most people hide them in a beanie or scarf which does not add any valuable style. But did you know Makeup Courses In Vizag can teach some new styles that you could do?

Glam Up Your Look With These Hairstyles

If you did not do any Beautician Course In Vizag you would still be able to manage to do these easy and beautiful hairstyles with no complications, just make sure that you follow the instruction well. 

  1. Twisted Braid: if you are someone who has long and thick voluminous hair, and wanted to add extra glitz to the classy look you can easily opt for a twisted braid rather than choosing a plan ponytail or braid. It would surely make you more fashionable and would seek people attention too.
  2. Bangs And Buns: harsh winters are more likely to dry out your hair which results in brittle and dry ends, thus making it more prone to breaking. If you have curly hair, condition it well and try the textured bangs and buns hairstyle to secure and make it more appealing.
  3. Braided Pigtails: if you wanted to go for a more hippy hairstyle, you could try out braided pigtails, a look that advanced the child look braided into a more stylish and alluring hairstyle.
  4. Curls: if you have naturally curly hair, it is your season to shine, as there is no perfect season than winter to showcase those beautiful ringlets of yours. Shampoo and condition your hair and use some curl-specific products like moisturizing cream for hair and you are good to go.
  5. High Ponytail: high ponytail is no more a boring look, with the trend that has been popularised by international pop stars like Ariana Grande and Beyonce, it has now taken a front seat in providing a sophisticated yet sleek look. It is not only a practical hairstyle but a fashion statement too. So do not hesitate to tie up your hair in a ponytail anymore.
  6. Long Choppy Look (layered hairstyle): if you are tired of the scraggly ends in your hair, this hairstyle could save you from it. It not only provides movement to your hair but also when pined up it gives an illusion of shorter hair. So if you want long thick hair but also has movement in it you could try out this look.
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