What are the 5 easy and best steps to get the perfect everyday makeup look?

Easy peasy steps to get the everyday makeup look

We have listened to your wish! WHAT??? All the ladies out there, who love to apply makeup but don’t have enough time during the daily struggle to get the perfect makeup look. The trick to do the no-makeup look within few minutes is the best choice for all skin tones. But, what if you want to teach your clients to do that.

Can I learn that? YES! Enroll yourself in the best cosmetology school for the Diploma in Cosmetology in Visakhapatnam. Learning under the experienced course instructors will ensure that you get to know in & out about the Beautician Course In Vizag. Here are few easy steps, which you can learn in the first place and then share with your clients in the future.

Learn the everyday makeup look

Step 1: Cleansing & Scrubbing

Depending on your skin type you should always use the face wash like for:

  • Dry skin – Hydrating face wash

  • Oily skin – Gel face wash

If you wash you can use a scrub to clean the pores. Make sure that you use a soft towel to pat dry the face. Always tell your clients to not harshly clean the face.

Step 2: Moisturize your face

Moisturizing your face is an important step to keep the skin hydrated and soft. Moreover, moisturizing will help the face to prepare for the makeup and everything will be set correctly. Depending on your skin type you should use the moisturizer – Choose lotion, cream, and gel.

Step 3: Conceal and apply BB cream

If you have acne marks and dark circles, then conceal them with a concealer. If your skin does not have any spots then use a BB cream and you are DONE! Make sure to blend everything perfectly so a smooth and flawless texture

Step 4: Use a highlighter for the cheeks and eyes

Once the base is done, you can start doing the eyes. Indeed! With eye makeup, the entire look is enhanced and it makes a drastic change in your look. If you are someone who likes to apply makeup daily, then it is up to you whether you want to apply eyeshadow or not. My suggestion to you is to prefer neutral and soft shades. The best options are kajal, mascara, and eyeliner.

Tip: To highlight your facial features

Simply, apply a bronze blusher and it will make you look 10 times better. You should also tell your client to opt for the neutral shades blush which makes your skin look natural all the time.

Step 5: Apply the right lip shade

To achieve the no-makeup look, do not miss the lipstick and you need to choose the nude matte lipstick. This is because they last for long hours and give your lips that perfect finish. In this case, don’t go with the liquid and glossy lipstick. If you want to invest once in the lipstick then make sure to do that correctly and get the smudge-free lipstick.

Learn the trick to do the best makeup look!

You should never overdo makeup because even a minimal look can make a lot of difference. Why not learn the art of makeup? Enroll yourself in the VJs Vocational Courses to go in the right direction.

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